Changeable Beaded Browbands

How does it work?


Beaded Browbands are made with a channel, in which the bead chains rest. Bead chains attach with a screw at each end. The chains have a slight stretch to them, to keep them securely in the channel. Simply unhook at each end to switch to a new chain, for a completely different look!

 My browbands feature removable bead chains, so that you can easily change your look with your mood, your competition, or just for fun!

  Unique, affordable chains means you can get several - to coordinate with your barn colors, your team colors, your horse's color, or for any reason at all!

Browbands come in Black or Brown, and are padded with self color or a contrasting color.

Available Sizes 15 and 16 inches. (16 is a standard size that fits most horses). Measure your well-fitting browband from end to end to get the size. (Micklem Bridles typically take a 15" band.)

All Sizes and Colors are $65 for a browband with 1 chain.

Additional chains are $25 each.

Don't see one you like? Or want a similar pattern featuring a different color? Let me know and I'll do my best to come up with a customized chain just for you.

I guarantee my chains. Accidents happen. If your chain breaks, sends the remains to me for free repair. You pay only the shipping.

Flying Change Browbands

will be available at the

Murietta Equestrian Center

Golden State Dressage

Show, from April 3-5, 2015